New Website

I’ve decided (again!) to redo my online presence, and bring everything into a single website – this one, to be exact!

Over the years, I have had various sites, under various names – LoNoteMusic, Martin-Thomson, Music Made Easy, Scottish Music Services etc. That just got confusing for everyone, including me. So, I have made the decision to bring everything under a single site, and only have 2 domain names pointing at it – and That way, if you search for me, you’ll find me.

I WILL be keeping it updated. I haven’t been good at that in the past, but call it a mid-year resolution – I’m doing it!

I may be offering a sales service as time goes on, but only for very occasional things. I have decided that the sales side of what I do is too time-consuming and just plain awkward, and so I will be removing the option of reselling other companies software. I may offer some of my own stuff for sale (services, compositions etc), and I will be keeping in touch with the big companies, so if you need something, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. The good thing about that is that because I’m not focusing on sales, I’m not that fussed about making big profits, so my prices should be competitive!

So, enjoy the site, and keep in touch, either via my blog, or via the Contact ┬ápage. I’m always delighted to hear from you!

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