New Sibelius Tutorial Uploaded – Interface Overview

When Sibelius 7.5 came out, I made a series of over 40 video tutorials for the software, taking the user from never having sat in front of Sibelius, through to being comfortable with some fairly complex tasks. Since there have been many upgrades to Sibelius since then, I have decided to make these freely available, and I will be uploading them regularly onto my YouTube channel. Everything I talk about in the videso is still relevant to the latest version, so if you are using any version FROM v7.5 onwards, then these videos will be useful for you.

I hope you enjoy them, and I would be delighted to hear your thoughts, so drop me a comment!


Today’s “Thing-I-Don’t-Get” – Bruce Springsteen

I mean, what is the attraction? Most of his songs, at least the ones that I’ve heard, are VERY repetitive (Born In The USA springs to mind), his voice is not attractive to listen to, and he isn’t exactly model material. I’m sure people will say that his songs “speak to a new generation”. When I first heard him, I was that new generation, and I didn’t get it then.

I certainly don’t get it now.