Today’s “Thing-I-Don’t-Get” – Bruce Springsteen

I mean, what is the attraction? Most of his songs, at least the ones that I’ve heard, are VERY repetitive (Born In The USA springs to mind), his voice is not attractive to listen to, and he isn’t exactly model material. I’m sure people will say that his songs “speak to a new generation”. When I first heard him, I was that new generation, and I didn’t get it then.

I certainly don’t get it now.


Why is everyone raving about this person, who has spent her adult life singing so badly that she has damaged her voice – again. Possibly career-endingly badly this time.

And she sings out of tune!

And most of her songs are miserable!

I don’t get that!

Today’s “Thing-I-Don’t-Get” – Women’s Sport

A colleague recently put a post on Facebook while watching the Olympics, asking why the female gymnasts are required to be “graceful” in addition to executing the various feats of strength needed for their sport. That got me thinking.

  • Why are women’s hurdles smaller than the men’s? Are women not as supple as men? Can’t they jump as high, or bend as much?
  • Why are women’s tennis matches over 3 sets, rather than 5? Are we really saying the Serena Williams couldn’t cope with a 5-setter? Seriously?
  • Why isn’t there a Synchronised Swimming event for men? Can’t we swim?
  • Why Heptathlon, rather than Decathlon?

I don’t get that…